World of Purpose




A supportive, trajectory-shifting  community experience for the person ready to evolve ito the highest version of themselves.

Reconnect with your intuition, unlock your innate gifts, and make your mark on a world in desperate need of your gifts.


Welcome home.

You already know that you are made of magic. You just need someone to help you bring your inner essence out into the world, and make sure you follow through when things get scary.

We created World of Purpose to help you come back home to yourself, and as a portal to your highest potential so that you can imprint the world in the way only you can.

You are in the right place if...

You don't know your purpose


You know you have something more to give to the world, but you don't know what this looks like


You know your purpose but something is stopping you


Deep down you know what your highest purpose is, but it feels scary and risky to take the next step

This is for you if...

  • You've got the career, family,¬†money and lifestyle you'd always wanted, but you feel like there's something still missing

  • You want to do something more with your life but you think you need to wait till your kids are older or you've paid off the mortgage

  • You want to choose a different path in life but you find it hard to leave the security and¬†familiarity of your current path

  • You're smart, talented and full of ideas but don't get the chance to show it or be appreciated for¬†it

  • You can't be your true self at work - you play along with others to fit in and succeed

  • You know your current job has purpose but you're questioning if it's YOUR purpose

  • You've tried following your¬†purpose before but you've backed out because it feels too difficult

Rest assured, you're not the only one feeling this way.

Why you're finding it hard to connect with your higher purpose

We live in a world which discourages us from being our true selves and living our purpose:

- We are rewarded for the generic skills we bring, rather than for what makes us unique

- Our busy lives leave us with no time and space to connect with our inner knowing about what's really right for us

- The conditioning from society and those closest to us pulls us away from our true self

So our gifts and genius stay locked away.

Hearing and living out your highest purpose takes discipline, supreme trust, and courage/community, to counter these forces.

Imagine a life where you...

  • Have 100% clarity on your true purpose,¬†on what you're being called to do with your life right now

  • Have the freedom to express your gifts every day, and are recognised and valued for¬†them

  • Hold a deep sense of trust in yourself and your own inner knowing (even when your family thinks you're mad for not following the herd)

  • Become an inspiration to your children,¬†your family and your friends, through the way you live and work

  • Have an overflow of energy and time to give to the people closest to you

  • Feel like the conscious architect of your life, rather than just a passive participant

  • Create meaning in the world through your work, and you begin to see the ripple effects it creates across the different parts of your life, and in the lives of others

  • Are free to show your true self to the world, and you attract good energy into your life, and people see and love you for who your really are.


This kind of life and energy is available for you

We have a vision for the world in which everyone feels free to live out their highest purpose - knowing that when we do, we unlock massive amounts of dormant energy that can be channelled into systems that allow our world to flourish. And we'd love you to be part of it!


If you've landed here, it's because you have been personally chosen by us or recommended to us as an amazing human to join World of Purpose.

We see your highest potential and invite you to become the DNA, the seeds, of this movement towards purpose. We would love nothing more than for you to co-create the World of Purpose community with us, and help us lay the foundations for the world-shifting force for good this group will blossom into. Together we are the architects of the new world we desire to be part of.




A supportive 12-month community for the person courageous enough to unlock and live out their highest purpose

space * community * wisdom

Think of us as your weekly mini-retreat. Space to step out of your busy life and turn your energy inward. To explore your talents, gifts & genius. To reconnect with yourself and your inner knowing. To play with your next level. To let go of things that are no longer you.
Step into an instant network of support. Plug into the collective energy of the group. Build your new inner circle that's here to hold you as you do the scary things and make big change. Practice showing up as your true self and be recognised in all your brilliance.
We bring together scientific wisdom, ancient wisdom and personal wisdom to give you the toolbox to move through to your next level with courage and grace. Neuroscience meets Eastern philosophy meets meditation and somatics.


  • 12 months access to our hand-cultivated community

  • Weekly 30-minute community call, blending guided meditation, teaching, hot-seat coaching, group connection and Q&A

  • 12 x monthly workbooks of personal reflective and exploratory exercises and meditations you can complete at your own pace

  • Concepts and tools to support your inner evolution, drawing from neuroscience, psychology, somatics, energetics, ancient spirituality, Eastern and Western philosophy

  • Online support, connection and accountability through our private membership portal, hosted on a platform away from social media

  • Exclusive opportunity as a Founding Member to co-create the community and membership benefits with us, based on what you need most

Together we will explore topics like...

* Creating more time, space and stillness in your life

* Getting out of your mind and listening to your intuition

* Connecting with your creativity

* How to deal with external pressures

* Shifting from Provider to Purpose Identity

* Uncovering and redefining limiting beliefs

* Releasing old identities, expectations and decisions

* How to navigate shifts in your relationships with friends, family and money

* Identifying your innate gifts and genius

* Cultivating self trust


This just gives you a flavour of what we can work on. We will design our learning with our Founding Members to ensure we respond to your biggest needs.

Hello friend!

In case we haven't met, we're a wife-and-husband team and co-founders of The Reimagine Lab. We're proud parents of two little boys.

On the outside, Aras had a 20-year corporate marketing career before hearing the call to become a purpose coach. Kylie forged a for-purpose career in international human rights with the United Nations, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility before changing course to become a meditation teacher.

On the inside, Aras's superpower is supporting you to move through big life transformation simply and safely. Kylie's is the ability to listen for stagnant energy and liberate a tidal wave of creativity that lies beneath.

Together we fuse our powers to hold you in perfect balance. We harmonise the Eastern and the Western, the scientific and spiritual, the masculine and feminine, the mind and body to guide the realignment of your Inner and Outer Worlds. We are (two) pairs of safe hands, holding you as you step into your full potential.


World of Purpose is for the person courageous enough to lead a new way of living and working that is integrity with their soul's highest purpose. We are here to offer ongoing support and community so that you can lean on us as your safety net as you start to spread your wings and fly.

We promise to be a safe space for you to make bold changes in your working and personal lives. To connect with your true purpose and shift trajectories, you will need to step out of your comfort zone. We're here to help you move through with simplicity and grace. We're here when things get scary, when you don't think you can find a way through. We're holding the vision for you.